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About Bill....

I grew up in the horse industry and started out wrangling on movie sets and commercials at the age of fourteen alongside my father, Denzel Cameron. 

I have been a professional horseman for over 50 years and competed on the West Coast my entire life taking many horses to their titles and championships in all breeds. I travel the globe coaching students and training horses. I am always discovering new coaching and training techniques during my travels that I continually share with my students and fans.  I am an advocate for the horse - helping people to understand them better and do what is best for their equine partner. 

Join me and learn about my training philosophy which is full of unique strategies that work. My riding skills are a combination of Europan Dressage and Western Riding in which I use mostly leg and seat ques.

I believe in a partnership involving soft hands and a gentle approach."                                     ~  Bill Cameron  ~

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